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About Us

A nonprofit dedicated to breaking the stigma around mental health for companies and their people.

Our Story

Identity Fund began in 2017 as a program underneath 501c3, UnbridledACTS, in response to the growing necessity for businesses to care for their people’s holistic health. It started with a small group of companies in the full-service events industry desiring to, “Do Good by Doing Well.”

Since 2001, through what is now called the 20:20:60 business model, Unbridled Companies have given the first 20% of their net profits to community giveback. Part of that giveback has since gone into the Identity Fund. The Fund helps remove the financial barrier of counseling and therapy for employees and their families, and also provides a list of trusted mental healthcare providers employees can reach out to, directly, for care.


Year-Over-Year Participant Growth


Saw a significant positive impact in their work life


Feel comfortable to discuss mental health at work

Why Identity Fund?

We are here to help companies care for their people. With 63% of employees reporting to struggle with a mental health condition, and 42% of those saying it has a significant impact on their ability to do their job, it is our heart to come alongside organizations to see their people thrive and their businesses flourish.

By curating a list of vetted mental healthcare providers and cutting cost of therapy for their employees, the Unbridled Companies have reaped the benefits of holistically healthy team members through:

  • Increased employee retention
  • Less inter-personal conflict
  • Greater focus on generosity

We want other organizations to experience this same kind of impact in their communities.

We attend a physician once a year to make sure our bodies are functioning well, but all too often neglect our hearts. We've all used the excuses—too busy, too expensive, not necessary, scared, etc... but only once you walk away from your first session do you realize how everyone could benefit. The hope in creating this organization was to remove the barriers that prevent us from receiving help, and make mental and emotional health the norm, not the exception. Welcome to the era of emotional wellbeing.

Olivia McGrawprevious Director of UnbridledACTS

Generosity breeds Generosity

When we are healthy, we have a greater capacity to pour into others. Identity Fund offers two avenues that allow organizations to give back to their communities.

Response Fund

When tragedies and disasters happen, the Response Fund is our way of helping those we love get back on their feet. We might not be able to change the situation, but we can offer a hand through small grants financed by Identity Fund participants and others who choose to contribute to the fund. Donations are matched dollar for dollar to help the individuals directed to us by fund contributors.

Frontline Fund

As we help destigmatize mental health in the workplace, we also want to offer care to those who are caring for others. Oftentimes, those on the frontlines of community service are those who have the least access to holistic healthcare. The Frontline Fund is our way of providing mental healthcare coverage for frontline workers, so that they can remain healthy as they serve those in need in our communities.

Our purpose is to empower organizations with solutions to care for the well-being of their people. Connect with us to learn more.

  • 11 companies supported
  • 100+ individuals seeing a licensed therapist
  • 15+ vetted mental healthcare providers
  • $200k+ in counseling coverage
  • 73 emergency grants given
  • 4+ organizations supported by the frontline fund