Identity Fund For Providers

The heart of the Identity Fund is to connect people with high quality, affordable mental healthcare.

We know that not all therapy is good therapy and that finding a provider can be overwhelming and intimidating. That’s why we set up a network of vetted, preferred mental healthcare professionals who are aligned with our vision and share our values.

Those on our list are considered “in network” Identity Fund providers, who we intentionally choose and refer directly to Fund participants. Beyond referring individuals to their services, we also supplement our provider’s personal mental healthcare, as we believe in caring for those who are caring for others.

“Counseling is a relationship that offers permission to enter other relationships with emotional health, integrity, and confidence. Counseling is a comfort and support when it feels like things just cannot get much worse. Working with an organization that values counseling for those who need it is unique and has been a privilege.”

Identity Fund Provider

Our purpose is to empower organizations with solutions to care for the well-being of their people. Connect with us to learn more.

  • 11 companies supported
  • 100+ individuals seeing a licensed therapist
  • 15+ vetted mental healthcare providers
  • $200k+ in counseling coverage
  • 73 emergency grants given
  • 4+ organizations supported by the frontline fund